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Qaida Politics

CONSERVATIVE MYTH - The Bush Administration received no warning of the dangers of Al Qaida from the Clinton Administration Pre 9/11.

" THE TWIN TOWERS OF THE WORLD TRADE CENTER IN NEW YORK CITY - SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 " - The 9/11 attacks were not committed by Mazel Tov-screaming Jews.

" AMERICAN STRIKE IN YEMEN KILLS 'INSPIRE MAGAZINE' EDITOR " - Samir Khan “Inspire Magazine” meets his 72 Virgin(ians).

" ISLAMABAD ? WE HAVE A PROBLEM." - You Got To Be Kidding? Pakistan Carts Its Nukes Around In Delivery Vans.

" FILE CLOSED " - We love death. The U.S. loves life. That is the difference between us two. Osama bin Laden

CHRIST THE REDEEMER . - You got to be joking ! Twin Towers ,what Twin Towers? Those guys in Guantanamo got them.